• An innovative prototype plant for the production of food containers from PET
• Reduced use of virgin PET, with accompanying reductions in natural resource consumption (energy, oil and water)
• An increase in the use of recycled PET
• Reduced waste
• Elimination of hydraulic oil from the production process
• Reduction of energy consumption thanks to the recovery of residual heat
• Testing of the prototype plant to initially produce 38,000 preforms/bottles/hr, scaling up to 50,000 preforms/bottles/hr

December 2014 – Best practice manual

We published the two volumes of the Best practice manual to purchase PET bottles in a responsible way. Download here:
The volume dedicated to the private sector
The volume dedicated to the public administrations

December 2014 – Final conference

On the 11th december SIPA opened the door of the factory based in Vittorio Veneto (Italy) to present the new system Xtreme Sincro, realized in the frame of the LIGHT-PET project.
Download here the invitation card.
Download here the presentation given during the event

November 2014 – Newsletter

Download here the project newsletter

September 2014 - LCA analysis

In the LIGHT-PET project, we performed the analysis of the life cycle of the bottle produced with the new technology, compared with a traditionally produced bottle and the results are summarized in two main criteria: - Savings in raw material - Use of recycled material The analysis confirms that the new process improves environmental performance, as the impact of the bottle is considerably less than the counterpart produced by the traditional process. Emissions are reduced to 9.4% compared with 10.8% of the traditional technology. Finally, the reduction in the contribution to climate change is significant (-36%). Other interesting facts:
Carcinogens: -48.83%
Ecotoxicity: -13.65%
Exhaustion of fossil fuels: -25.23%
Reducing CO2 and gas equivalent: - 5.92%

September 2014 - Preliminary test on preforms

We started preliminary characterization tests on preforms produced with the pilot plant.

July 2014 - Light bottles are ready!

The production line formed by the prototype of the SIPA preforms moulding machine with the injection-compression technology, by the conditioning oven with ceramic rings and by the blowing machine is operational since June. In the coming months, after going through the necessary steps of “tuning”, to find the optimal timing, and “troubleshooting”, to eliminate possible causes of failure, it will finally be ready to produce lighter PET bottles, primary goal of the LIGHT PET project. The new bottles will be realized in two stages: in the first one, only the virgin PET will be used and the process will be optimized at all stages that compose it, as the drying of the grain, the melting of the polymer, the process of injectors compression, the intermediate conditioning (taking place in the oven to ceramic rings) and the blowing of the bottles, up to get a process that represents the optimum balance between the maximum lightness of the bottle and the minimum achievable energy consumption; in the second one the process will be performed with a mixture also containing recycled PET and various series of bottles with increasing percentages of rPET will be carried out, in order to evaluate the results on the final product. The bottles that will be produced with the new plant will allow to validate the achievement of the objectives in terms of saving of material and energy for the realization of these containers and to verify the maintenance of the mechanical properties of the bottles, such as top load or creep or transparency.

April 2014 – Training Session

The project partners realized the workshop “Energy Management and Energy Saving in the plastic sector” in Tortona on the 9th April, 2014.
Download the programme
Download the proceedings

April 2014 - The line is complete

With the arrival of the oven, which took place last month, the reconditioning of the blowing machine (blowing wheel of bottles) and the assembly of the transport and conditioning stars, the line has been completed and is now under synchronization and test. The oven was equipped with a very advanced technology, which uses ceramic rings of the latest generation, for fast, precise heating of the preforms. The first bottles made with the new technology are scheduled for June. As part of the dissemination activities, the workshop “Energy management and energy savings for the plastics industry” has been held in Tortona on 9th April 2014.

January 2014 - The wheels are gearing

It is under construction the complete line: the moulding machine for the making of the preforms and the blow moulding machine for the making of the bottles have been already positioned, and the wheels of connection and air conditioning are in the assembly phase. SIPA is waiting for IRCA’s conditioning oven, which is near completion and will be tested first.

October 2013 - Light PET gains visibility

Last month the LIGHT PET project has arrived in Munich in the context of the international trade fair Drinktec. SIPA has exhibited the prototype of the preform moulding machine - although not yet operating - to gauge customer interest that turned out really high. In the next month PROPLAST is expected to attend the fair Ecomondo, taking place in Rimini, dedicated to the world of green purchasing, in which even LIGHT PET project will find its own space.

July 2013 - Launch of the LCA

Continues apace the construction of the pilot plant. With the availability of the first data on the moulding process, provided by the new prototype, the LCA, which is the determination of the environmental impact of new containers made from LIGHT PET technology, started. Meanwhile, the IPPR withdrawal from the partnership was made official and activities were reorganized among the project partners.

April 2013 - The making of the prototype keeps on

The machine preforms moulding machine has entered the height of prototyping stage: the main units for the moulding of the preforms have been set up and the moulds and the control system of the PET dispensing were mounted. It should be noted that IPPR (Institute for the Promotion of Plastics for recycling) has been forced to withdraw the project partnership due to the reorganization of its resources, but it will not deny his external support.

January 2013 – Green light for designers

The technical part of the project is in full swing. The designers are facing technical issues both for the machine and for the oven. At the same time, it was launched the prototyping of the machine for the moulding of the preforms, while the oven testing on the various solutions to be adopted for the radiators, in order to identify the best, has started. In late December, the project Branding Strategy was presented.